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Press release

Best network for the fourth year running

Berne, 06 December 2012

Swisscom has won Connect magazine’s network test for the fourth year in a row and has proven once again that they are the Swiss market leaders in mobile communications by receiving top marks for both telephony and data communication services.

Swisscom is delighted to receive the news about the test results published today in Connect magazine. For the fourth year in a row, Swisscom is the only telecommunications company in Switzerland to pass this test with the "very good" rating. Thanks to large investments, Swisscom was once again able to make significant improvements to the quality of its mobile network, from which all customers have been able to benefit. Over the next five years, Swisscom will invest a further CHF 1.5 billion in expanding the network. This will ensure that all Swisscom mobile base stations will be modernised from the ground up, allowing customers to continue to enjoy the best telephony and mobile Internet services in the future.


The Swisscom 4G/LTE network – a new generation of mobile communication in Switzerland

As of 29 November 2012, the new 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology has been rolled out to the Swisscom mobile network. This means that Swisscom customers will be the first in Switzerland to enjoy significantly higher speeds and capacity when using mobile Internet. The Connect test did not take the new 4G/LTE network into consideration. If it had, the difference in the results between Swisscom and its competitors would have been even greater.


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