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Swisscom and SEIC reach agreement: fibre-optic network comes to Gland

Gland, 13 February 2013

Between now and the end of the month, the Société Electrique Intercommunale de la Côte SA (SEIC) and Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd will sign the cooperation agreement that commits them both in equal parts to connecting 90% of the 6,000 households in Gland to the fibre-optic network by 2015. Immediately after signing the agreement, from 1 March 2013, the residents of the eco-district Eikenøtt will be the first to have access to the network and its high-speed multimedia services. They will have a free choice between the services offered by either SEIC or Swisscom. After the larger cities of Geneva, Lausanne and Fribourg, Gland is the first and only mid-sized city in the French-speaking part of Switzerland to benefit from such a partnership between Swisscom and a local operator.

The new residents of Eikenøtt will be the first to enjoy FTTH (Fibre-to-the-Home) connections and the related services. The whole design and development of this new district was carried out according to the latest standards for fibre-optic connections, and the residents will be able to choose between the various multimedia services offered by SEIC and Swisscom as soon as they move in.

While SEIC will be responsible for the construction of the fibre-optic network in the southern part of the city (between the lake and the railway line), Swisscom will develop the northern part (between the railway line and the motorway) with the exception of the Eikenøtt eco-district, as this will be connected by SEIC.

It is the first fruit borne by the cooperation agreement between SEIC and Swisscom which will see 90% of the 6,000 homes and businesses in Gland connected to the fibre-optic network by 2015. After the agreement reached in July 2012 with Lausanne industrial Services (SiL), this is the second ongoing cooperation agreement on FTTH between Swisscom and a cable operator.

Other areas on either side of the railway line will also be connected to the fibre-optic network in the course of 2013. Connecting the other seven communes that are covered by SEIC to the broadband network will be the subject of further negotiations between SEIC and Swisscom.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Swiss Federal Communications Commission (ComCom), the two partners will lay at least four fibre-optic cables to each house or business. This will allow customers to choose freely between the multimedia services offered by either Swisscom or SEIC without having to change network. This open model will also allow other multimedia providers to offer their services on the new network in Gland.


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