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New mobile phone subscriptions for occasional users with inclusive units and top surfing speeds

Berne, 29 August 2013

From 2 September, occasional users will be able to take advantage of two new subscriptions – Natel entry basic and Natel entry plus – which will feature inclusive minutes, text messages and data usage as part of the basic fee. The new subscriptions will also be available to business customers in the form of Natel company basic and Natel company plus. What's more, subscription customers with limited data volumes are now able to connect to the 1,900 public wireless LAN hotspots in Switzerland.

Over 1.3 million Natel infinity customers can use their smartphones as often and as much as they like. Customers who only use their mobile phones occasionally also want to be able to take advantage of the convenience of inclusive services. For these customers, Swisscom has expanded its range of offerings with Natel entry basic and Natel entry plus, which include unlimited SMS/MMS within Switzerland, 30 minutes of calls to all Swiss networks and a data volume of 100 MB/500 MB. The basic monthly charge is just CHF 33 for entry basic and CHF 44 for entry plus. To ensure that there is a measure of transparency and cost control when browsing the Internet on your mobile phone, the customer will receive SMS notifications and there is a maximum cost limit of CHF 5 per day, should the customer use up all their inclusive data volume.

Swisscom is also providing two new subscriptions for business customers – Natel company basic and Natel company plus – which are aimed at occasional users and are offered at the same prices and feature the same advantages as the private subscriptions. An extra highlight for business customers is that employees from the same company will be able to call each other for free.

Carefree surfing using the public wireless LAN

As of 9 September, subscription customers will be able to access the Internet as and when needed via the Swisscom public WLAN networks. While Natel infinity customers will continue to have unlimited Internet access via the mobile network and also via the public WLAN hotspots, all subscription customers with limited data volumes now receive an additional 1 GB data volume to be used for accessing the Internet via the public WLAN hotspots. Once this additional volume has been used up, Swisscom will throttle the data transfer speed in the WLAN network to 64 kbps. The actual inclusive volume of the subscription is therefore not used up and no additional costs are incurred. This allows customers throughout Switzerland to benefit from comprehensive, secure and optimal data connections with good browsing speeds at more than 1,900 frequently visited locations.


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