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Medgate chooses health solutions from Swisscom

Berne, 23 October 2013

Medgate, the leading provider of telemedicine services in Switzerland, and Swisscom have decided to work together more intensively in future. Medgate will use Evita, the electronic health dossier from Swisscom, as well as the curaX networking platform in order to further expand its service offering.

Medgate and Swisscom Health will intensify their collaboration in future, with both companies having signed a declaration of intent. With Evita and CuraX, Medgate has selected two tried-and-tested Swisscom solutions that reduce costs through the digitalisation of medical and administrative information and ensure secure data exchange. The digital processing of data is still something of a rarity in Switzerland's healthcare system: each year, around 250 million paper-based documents are still being sent by letter or fax, generating a high level of costs. It is here that Evita closes a gap, by enabling patients and healthcare professionals and providers such as doctors and hospitals to access digitalised patient health records.

"We are driving the standardisation and development of an eHealth infrastructure that makes integrated healthcare possible. Healthcare providers still have considerable scope for saving on process costs here," says Stefano Santinelli, Head of Health at Swisscom. In addition, the improved availability of relevant health data enhances the quality of patient care. "The electronic health dossier is central to the further development of our service portfolio – and Evita is the best product on the market," explains Andy Fischer, CEO of Medgate. Medgate will also be working with another Swisscom solution in the future, the curaX networking platform, which it will use to communicate with healthcare providers and insurance companies. CuraX enables the straightforward, secure exchange of data between healthcare providers on the one side and between healthcare providers and insurance companies on the other.

Medgate is Switzerland's leading provider of telemedicine services. As a specialist in telemedicine, Medgate can bring qualified medical advice to any household, irrespective of location or time. Swisscom holds a minority stake in Medgate.

Swisscom provides solutions for the secure exchange of data within Switzerland's healthcare system. A central feature is in an increase in efficiency and quality through secure data exchange, as well as solutions that promote health-conscious behaviour and facilitate independent living in old age.


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