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Your own living will available at all times in electronic form

Berne, 03 February 2014

Pro Senectute's DOCUPASS is a comprehensive healthcare dossier in which individuals can stipulate their personal wishes and instructions with regard to the health treatment they receive in the event of illness, terminal illness and death. The data contained in DOCUPASS can now also be deposited in Evita, Swisscom's online health record facility, thereby ensuring that your healthcare documentation is available at all times.

Using Pro Senectute's DOCUPASS, individuals can stipulate in detail their personal requests, needs, instructions and wishes to be observed in the event of emergency. The living will becomes effective if the patient is no longer able to speak for themselves or is incapacitated. Anyone wishing to choose the treatment they would receive in such cases and relieve their dependents of the burden of taking difficult decisions for them would be well advised to address this subject at an early stage. More than 55,000 people have already purchased DOCUPASS.

Since the introduction of the new Adult Protection Act, physicians and medical staff are obliged to clarify whether a patient has made a living will. Thanks to the collaboration between Pro Senectute and Swisscom, healthcare instructions can now be stored in electronic form and are thus available anytime and anywhere and can be accessed by dependents or medical professionals in the event of an emergency. DOCUPASS is issued in a credit card format so it fits into every wallet or purse. It should be carried with you at all times. DOCUPASS is available for a one-time fee of CHF 19. Storage in the Evita online health record system costs an additional CHF 29 per year. The minimum contractual term for online storage is two years.


Evita – the online health record facility from Swisscom

Evita users store their personal medical data and documents securely in their very own health dossier, thereby ensuring that information about their health is available online at all times irrespective of location.

Each year, around 250 million paper-based documents containing health-related information are still being sent by letter or fax in Switzerland, which generates high costs. Here Evita closes a gap, by enabling patients and healthcare professionals and providers such as doctors and hospitals to access digitalised patient health records.


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