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Roaming: Swisscom reduces mobile surfing rates abroad

Berne, 19 March 2014

From 1 April, Swisscom customers will enjoy a further reduction in mobile surfing rates in Europe and in many other countries. The 200 MB package for EU countries will cost CHF 24, the 1 GB package CHF 79. Customers will therefore be able to surf the Internet while on the move for as little as 7.7 cents per MB. The price of a 50 MB data package for Swisscom customers, valid for 30 days, will start from CHF 9. Swisscom data packages offer customers considerably cheaper surfing rates compared to EU regulated prices.

The latest Net-Metrix study shows that 3.8 million people in Switzerland possess a smartphone or tablet. Some 85 per cent of these surf the Internet several times a day. Swisscom is again lowering its mobile surfing prices abroad so that Swisscom customers travelling abroad can also find their way around using a street map or find the best restaurants in the neighbourhood.


Renewed drop in data package prices

Swisscom is again lowering its data package prices – not only in Europe, but for all important travel destinations worldwide. In EU countries, Swisscom customers will pay as little as CHF 24 for 200 MB and CHF 79 for the 1 GB package (1024 MB); the latter is equivalent to a price of 7.7 cents per megabyte, making it the cheapest offer on the market. Outside Europe, prices for all packages will fall by as much as 34 per cent. This means, for example, that the 1 GB package for popular destinations like the USA, Thailand or Brazil will cost CHF 99 instead of CHF 149. Swisscom offers by far the biggest range of countries for this package price.

Customers using the most widely subscribed 50 MB data package will be able to enjoy mobile surfing from CHF 12 in 46 countries outside the EU. The validity of the package is also being extended worldwide from 7 days to 30 days. That means that Swisscom now offers the cheapest introductory offers for first-time users. The data packages can be booked in the data roaming cockpit at or via the Swisscom Roaming app. There, customers can also set their own cost limit as well as check their data volume usage in real time.

Even greater savings using the Swisscom app iO

Swisscom customers can save even more while abroad by using the iO app. If the iO app is used In combination with a data package, a call to another iO user can cost as little as 4 cents a minute. For NATEL infinity customers with a 1 GB package, calls to all fixed-line and mobile numbers in Switzerland start at 4 cents a minute. This is particularly attractive to Swisscom customers calling friends and family in Switzerland.


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