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Swisscom increases surfing speeds for Natel infinity

Berne, 22 May 2014

Swisscom is increasing the mobile data transmission speeds for its Natel infinity subscriptions. From 1 June 2014 customers with Natel infinity M and L will automatically benefit from higher bandwidths. Speeds for infinity M will double to 15 Mbps, while those for infinity L will increase to 30 Mbps. This will provide Swisscom customers with even faster mobile data services in the future – and for the same subscription prices.

Thanks to Natel infinity, Swisscom customers no longer have to keep track of how many phone calls they make, how many text messages they write or how much mobile data they transmit, because everything is included in their subscriptions. Customers value this new freedom and have made Natel infinity the most successful Swiss mobile phone subscription ever: within less than two years, 1.8 million customers have signed up for an infinity subscription and are transmitting around four times more data than customers with other subscriptions. For example, music and video streaming already account for 65% of the data volume on today’s mobile network. To ensure that its customers always enjoy the Internet speeds they need, Swisscom is increasing the transmission speeds for its infinity subscriptions. Speeds for infinity M will double from 7.2 Mbps to 15 Mbps, while those for infinity L will increase from 21 Mbps to 30 Mbps. The monthly subscription prices of CHF 99 and CHF 129 will remain unchanged. Customers will benefit from the adjustment automatically from 1 June 2014. The increased speeds will also apply for the following Natel subscriptions: Xtra infinity M/L, Business infinity M/L and Data infinity M/L. The surfing speeds for the other Natel infinity subscriptions will remain unchanged.

Swisscom already offers 91% 4G/LTE network coverage

The increase in the transmission speeds for Natel infinity subscriptions is only possible because Swisscom has been investing extensively in the expansion of its networks for many years. Swisscom has not only substantially expanded its 3G network coverage but has also driven the rapid expansion of the 4G/LTE network. 91% of the Swiss population can already use the latest 4G/LTE technology. Swisscom continues to expand its network throughout the whole of Switzerland, ensuring that every customer with every subscription has the best connection possible. In the past year alone, Swisscom has invested some CHF 1.7 billion in the expansion of its infrastructure.


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