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Swisscom reaches agreement with PubliGroupe and the latter’s major shareholders

Berne, 17 June 2014

Swisscom and PubliGroupe have agreed to Swisscom Ltd increasing its offer price for PubliGroupe Ltd shares to CHF 214 per share. The Board of Directors of PubliGroupe Ltd recommends that its shareholders accept the offer at this price. The other major shareholders have also approved the new offer price.

Swisscom and PubliGroupe have signed an agreement whereby Swisscom Ltd will increase its offer price for PubliGroupe Ltd shares to CHF 214 per share. In return, the Board of Directors of PubliGroupe Ltd undertakes to support the offer submitted by Swisscom Ltd and to recommend that the shareholders of PubliGroupe Ltd accept the offer.

Swisscom has also entered into an agreement with the other major shareholders of PubliGroupe Ltd, Erbengemeinschaft Borter ( 11.37% stake in PubliGroupe), Jean-Robert Gerstenhauer Stiftung (12.8% stake in PubliGroupe) and Consuela Stiftung (1.04% stake in PubliGroupe). These shareholders undertake to accept Swisscom’s increased offer price and to tender their shares in connection with the takeover bid from Swisscom. The agreement concluded with Tamedia Ltd on 27 May 2014 shall not be affected by the agreement between Swisscom and PubliGroupe or by the agreement with the major shareholders.

Swisscom’s takeover of PubliGroupe and the partnership sought between Swisscom and Tamedia in the directories business shall remain subject to the approval of the Federal Competition Commission.

Important information:
The documents related to the offer and the restrictions of the offer can be viewed at The offer shall be submitted solely on the basis of the still to be published offer prospectus.


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