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Docsafe from Swisscom – access to digitally stored documents regardless of your location

Berne, 24 June 2014

Swisscom is launching Docsafe, which is a Swiss cloud storage solution for residential customers that enables them to store their documents simply and securely online. Customers can thus access Docsafe from any location and at anytime, and can store new documents such as receipts by taking a photo with their mobile phone or sending them via e-mail. Docsafe enables customers to receive documents and settle bills directly. The service is free, even for users without a Swisscom contract.

A Swiss household on average receives over 200 documents a year. Today, numerous documents – from bills, salary statements, contracts and tax documents to receipts and guarantee certificates – are stored physically or electronically in various files. Maintaining order and keeping track takes up a great deal of space and time, not to mention being a tedious task, too.

Swisscom has come up with the answer: Docsafe. Docsafe lets users store and file electronic documents in a central archive, which they can access from their PC, mobile phone or tablet at anytime. Customers can take pictures of paper documents using their mobile phone and store them directly in their personal file via the Docsafe app for iOS and Android. Bills and documents received via e-mail can be forwarded and archived directly in Docsafe using the forward feature.


Secure storage in Switzerland and free of charge for everyone

Swisscom stores the documents in Swiss data centres – in compliance with Switzerland’s data protection laws. Swisscom takes a holistic view of data protection: from a legal, security and process point of view. Each document is individually encrypted. Optional security elements such as SMS codes offer additional access protection to Docsafe.

Docsafe forms the core of Swisscom’s cloud solution for private users, is free and offers enough space to store the documents of an average household. The idea is that this encrypted, unlimited storage can be used free of charge by everyone on a life-long basis.

Swisscom residential customers with a Swisscom login for the Customer Centre can start using Docsafe immediately, simply by logging on with their existing access data. Private users who are not Swisscom customers can also use Docsafe by requesting a Swisscom login and confirming their identity by post or by phone via their fixed-line or mobile from Switzerland.


Also available for businesses in the future

Docsafe is currently in the start-up phase. In the future, companies will also be able to use Docsafe to send documents such as bills, contracts or special offers directly to their customers. Docsafe speeds up communication, allows seamless interaction between different media and is cheaper than normal post. There are no print, paper or mailing costs. Swisscom already delivers documents to Docsafe for customers who receive their bills via e-mail.

If banks also link up to Docsafe in the future, users will be able to settle their bills directly from the digital document archive. This will turn Docsafe into a document hub where private correspondence can be handled simply and securely (thanks to encryption), can be accessed from any location and is always available as a backup.


Cloud solution from Swisscom

Swisscom is committed to operating the best network while also offering customers products and services for today’s digital world. That is why Swisscom is building the Swiss cloud and by so doing driving forward the digitisation of the Swiss economy. Docsafe provides secure document storage and forms the core of the Swisscom cloud solution for residential customers.


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