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Swisscom and Hubject promote electromobility in Switzerland

Berne, 24 June 2014

Swisscom Managed Mobility and Hubject want to jointly promote the interconnectivity and simple use of electric vehicle charging stations in Switzerland. The companies made this joint announcement today at the 5th Swiss Forum on ElectroMobility in Lucerne. The cooperative arrangement also aims to develop additional services for the advancement of electromobility in Switzerland.

For most people living in Switzerland, mobility is extremely important both for work and in their private lives. About one in two people in Switzerland owns a car. According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, however, only around 2,000 electric cars are registered in our country. That could change soon, as car manufacturers are launching a growing number of new, competitive models on the market and have already invested billions into developing this technology.

Swisscom Managed Mobility plans to play a more active role in this emerging market in order to create impressive customer experiences in the area of mobility. The goal is to develop new, innovative products and services in the next few years that focus on customer-focused mobility of the future. And this calls for electricity billing and payment solutions, for instance.

Interconnecting Swiss charging stations: a first step

As a first step, Swisscom Managed Mobility will apply the expertise it has gained through fleet management services and Swisscom's ICT portfolio for Hubject's intercharge platform. intercharge offers a solution for creating a provider-independent network of electric vehicle charging stations across all of Europe. This partnership will also make recharging easy in Switzerland, and the Swiss e-mobility market will be connected to the European network.

Just like when roaming between different network operators on the international mobile communications market, Swisscom Managed Mobility aims to get operators and users of the e-mobility infrastructure on board the intercharge platform so that end customers have one single, simple way to access a variety of different charging stations throughout all of Switzerland.

Marco Reber, Head of Swisscom Managed Mobility, sees a wealth of advantages in this collaboration: "Having charging processes that are both simple and flexible as well as transparent billing models are factors which are vital to the success of e-mobility. In short, Swisscom Managed Mobility wants to improve the mobility of our customers."

About the partners

Swisscom Managed Mobility belongs to BFM Business Fleet Management AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Swisscom AG, which has its headquarters in Berne. With a managed fleet of around 3,300 vehicles, it has great expertise on the mobility market. It links mobility with ICT to meet the new mobility needs of the future.

Hubject GmbH is a joint venture of the BMW Group, Bosch, Daimler, EnBW, RWE and Siemens, which is headquartered in Berlin. Hubject operates a cross-sector business and IT platform that links charging infrastructure providers, service providers and mobility service providers.


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