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Press release

Swisscom expands its training options

Berne, 04 August 2014

Today 256 apprentices begin their training at Swisscom. Swisscom is one of the largest providers of ICT training in Switzerland and for the first time is offering a two-year "way up" mediamatician apprenticeship for individuals who have previously completed a Swisscom training programme.

Today 256 young people are starting their apprenticeships with Swisscom. The ICT sector in Switzerland is growing steadily and requires an increasing number of IT specialists and mediamaticians. In 2014 Swisscom will train a total of around 850 apprentices as mediamaticians, IT technicians, retail assistants and customer service assistants.

After introducing a shorter IT apprenticeship Swisscom is expanding its training options and is now offering a shorter two-year "way up" mediamatician apprenticeship for individuals who have previously completed a training programme with Swisscom. Those who finish the programme will be allowed direct access to the technical college.

In July 2014 saw 223 individuals successfully concluding their apprenticeships at Swisscom, which equals a 90% completion rate. Currently around 50% of the newly qualified apprentices have already received a placement at the company.

Swisscom will be represented at SwissSkills 2014 in Berne. This Swiss professional skills contest and exhibition will take place from 17 to 21 September 2014 and provide insights into the next generation of individuals in trades and business. Alongside the contest itself, Swisscom and its subsidiary cablex will also each have a stand at which participants and visitors can learn more about their special career training model and various apprenticeship trades.


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