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Secure login for the whole of Switzerland

Berne, 04 September 2014

Working in partnership, Swisscom, Sunrise and Orange are now offering “Mobile ID” for secure and simple mobile authentication. Mobile ID is a service that allows users to log in to online portals or e-banking conveniently via their mobile phones. All this requires is a SIM card of the latest generation, which is now available from Swisscom. Sunrise and Orange will incorporate Mobile ID into their existing offering by the end of the year.

For years, “123456” has been one of the most common passwords. It is therefore not surprising that online accounts are regularly spied on. “Passwords are vulnerable; they are often hacked or even stolen. New and secure alternatives are therefore needed,” explains Adrian Humbel, Head Security Solutions Corporate Business at Swisscom, before proposing a solution: “Mobile ID” – the authentication service now offered by Swisscom in partnership with Orange and Sunrise. Mobile ID is a simple and secure tool that allows Internet users to log in to online portals or e-banking via their mobile phones. Adrian Humbel is positive: “Mobile ID has the potential to soon become the most secure and simple authentication service for the whole of Switzerland.”

Mobile ID opens up new business areas

If things go as the three providers plan, Mobile ID will be used in all areas where users’ identification needs to be verified in a straightforward and secure manner. “The opportunities this presents are virtually endless,” states Rainer Kirchhofer, Product Manager for Mobile ID at Sunrise: “Mobile ID will shape business models in areas such as e-banking and e-government and, when used in combination with an electronic signature, will simplify business processes.” This makes collaboration with competitors worthwhile, according to Oscar Furrer, Director Business Development at Orange: “We are all in agreement that we can position ourselves better on the market with a joint solution.”

Mobile ID with latest-generation SIM cards

To benefit from this service, mobile users require a SIM card of the latest generation, which they can obtain from their mobile provider. As Mobile ID does not require an app to be installed, the service works on nearly all standard mobile phones. Swisscom customers can already use Mobile ID to log in to, for example, their PostFinance e-banking.  All they need to do is activate the service on the new SIM card and set a PIN. The PIN is necessary for login, as in future, passwords and security tokens such as readers and UBS sticks will no longer be required. When accessing the PostFinance e-portal, Mobile ID users will be requested to enter their PIN directly on their mobile device. Once they have entered the correct PIN, they will automatically be logged in.  

Swisscom, Sunrise and Orange are confident that their collaboration on Mobile ID will be particularly interesting for corporate customers and service providers such as PostFinance, as the service can be used by all Swiss mobile customers. Sunrise and Orange will incorporate Mobile ID into their existing offering by the end of the year. Swisscom will continue to be responsible for operating and maintaining the technology in the background.


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