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Safe surfing – even using mobile Internet

Berne, 09 December 2014

Mobile surfing is quick and easy, but harbours new risks of cybercrime. Although data traffic on the Swisscom mobile network is encrypted automatically, that's not the case on many public WLAN networks. The Safe Connect app from Swisscom enables its customers to surf safely and simply, even when using third-party WLAN networks. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and costs CHF 5 per month.

Nowadays, you can use your mobile devices to write e-mails, make purchases and even pay bills using online banking. As a result, smartphones and tablets are increasingly the targets of online attacks in an effort to access the wealth of personal and confidential information they contain. “The new Safe Connect app secures private data by channelling all data traffic along a personal encrypted connection,” says Egon Steinkasserer, Swisscom's Head of Innovation. As a result, users of a public WLAN, for instance, in a hotel or a café, have the world's best protection against hacker attacks. What's more, Safe Connect also automatically blocks attempts to access known dangerous websites and malware. In this area, Swisscom is working in partnership with Symantec.


Protects two devices simultaneously

Safe Connect enables customers to surf securely on two devices at once. The app can be tested free of charge for 30 days. You can subscribe to Safe Connect directly through the relevant app store for CHF 5 per month or CHF 29 per year.

Safe Connect is being launched under the new Swisscom label: nova. Products and services with the nova label will in future be optimised together with Swisscom customers.


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