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Swisscom Emergency Service: state-of-the-art technology increases safety for the elderly

Berne, 26 January 2015

The Swisscom Emergency Service provides an enhanced emergency alert device for use at home. The system, comprising a base station and a help button worn by the user, enables customers to call for assistance quickly in emergencies. The Swisscom Emergency Service is especially fail-safe and replaces the existing TeleAlarm S12 system.

Customers can choose between three different variants of the new Swisscom Emergency Service: the Basic service enables the customer to define up to ten people who are phoned in succession in an emergency until someone is reached. If nobody answers, the system starts again from the top of the list. With the Comfort service, alerts are transferred to a professional emergency call centre if none of the contacts specified by the customer can be reached. With the premium Professional service, a professional emergency call centre is contacted directly, which then initiates the necessary emergency response.


Simple to use, automatic maintenance

The emergency alert device is extremely simple to set up and use. All that is required is a 230V power outlet and Swisscom mobile phone reception. To ensure the device provides the greatest possible security, it is monitored constantly for technical faults. As a result, help is always just a push of a button away. The emergency alert device is available at all Swisscom Shops and can also be purchased online. Customers who would like even greater security can also order additional modules, e.g. smoke or flood detectors or additional phones, through an electrician.

For mobile security, Swisscom offers two models of the Limmex emergency call watch with a GPS function. These too are available at Swisscom Shops and now also at all post offices.


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