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Simply sign with your mobile phone

Berne, 27 February 2015

Handwritten signatures are getting competition. With the new “All-in Signing Service”, users can simply and securely sign with their mobile phones. Cumbersome printing out and mailing of paper documents is no longer necessary. All it takes are apps or websites linked to Swisscom’s signature service and a Mobile ID-enabled SIM card from Swisscom, Orange or Sunrise. This secure and easy-to-use solution makes simple signing with the help of a mobile phone possible for the first time.

With the new “All-in Signing Service” from Swisscom, customers simply enter a PIN code into their mobile phones to sign confirmations, contracts and statements of intent that previously required a handwritten signature. Electronic solutions to date often involved a switch between media, with the signature itself still handwritten on a paper printout, which would then be sent by post, or scanned and e-mailed. Recipients would then have to re-digitise the data.

PIN code instead of ink

In future, businesses can simply link their applications and websites to the Swisscom All-In Signing Service for end-to-end digital mapping of their processes: customers can then take out insurance or order and sign a mobile contract online, for example, with no switch between media. Mobile ID uniquely identifies the signer, while the All-In Signing Service creates a secure and unique electronic signature. Adrian Humbel, Head of Security Solutions, explains: “Mobile ID is an important building block in the digitisation of business processes. In combination with the signature service, it allows costly and time-consuming intermediate steps to be avoided and is faster as a result.”


Certified according to Swiss federal law and European standards

International auditors KPMG have certified the Swisscom All-in Signing Service as compliant with federal law on electronic signatures (Swiss Signatures Act) and the ETSI TS 419.241 European standard. That makes the All-in Signing Service a first in facilitating the creation of ZertES electronic signatures with the help of a mobile phone.


With the All-in Signing Service, customers only need a Mobile ID-enabled SIM card. Mobile ID is available to Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise customers.



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