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Swisscom Health leading Berne's Insel Gruppe hospitals into the eHealth era

Berne, 01 December 2015

Insel Gruppe AG, which consists of the Inselspital (Bern University Hospital) and the Spital Netz Bern hospitals, is stepping up its partnership with Swisscom Health AG. The partnership will see Swisscom Health AG set up and operate an eHealth platform for the electronic exchange of information.

Swisscom Health AG has been awarded the contract to set up and operate an eHealth platform for Berne's Insel Gruppe AG (Inselspital and five locations of the Spital Netz Bern AG). The six hospitals will be able to exchange administrative and medical information with referring healthcare providers such as partner hospitals, general practitioners, care homes and Spitex via the platform. Thanks to the eHealth platform, the Insel Group will also create the prerequisite conditions for the implementation of the Federal Act on Electronic Patient Records.


Acceptance and investment protection

The electronic exchange of information will take place on the “Swisscom Health Connect” platform, whose components have been tried and tested over the years and are in use throughout Switzerland. The systems currently in use at Insel Gruppe will be seamlessly integrated into the overarching eHealth solution. The approximately 10,000 employees in the hospitals and numerous external referrers (around 20 partner hospitals and 2,000 general practitioners) will therefore be able to benefit from the new possibilities quickly and simply. “Our objective is to set up a highly scalable solution that achieves a high level of acceptance among users and brings genuine added value for the investment involved”, say the managers responsible for eHealth at the Insel Spital and the Spital Netz Bern AG, Daniel Ratschiller and Ueli Wehrli.


Competence and familiarity

The Bernese hospitals' eHealth solution is fully compliant with the recommendations of eHealth Suisse and is therefore future proof. In addition, its in-house experts and trusted partners mean that Swisscom Health has an effective team for the technical implementation and operation of the platform. “We are very familiar with the standards and solutions for the patient records and, with our partners, are already working on networking the Bernese hospitals", Stefano Santinelli, CEO of Swisscom Health AG, stresses. This familiarity, combined with Swisscom's IT expertise, is the ideal prerequisite for the successful implementation of the project.


Zurich as well as Berne

The contract for the eHealth platform in Berne is the second big contract that Swisscom Health has been awarded this autumn. The Zurich Affinity Domain association also opted for Swisscom's networking solutions. Swisscom Health is to set up and operate a platform in the Canton of Zurich on which around 4,000 healthcare providers such as hospitals, doctors, care homes, Spitex and pharmacies, as well as private individuals, will be able to exchange medical records.







Swisscom Health AG – the partner for the Swiss healthcare sector

Our solutions for the healthcare sector increase the efficiency of processes, improve the quality of care and support preventative measures. We are constantly improving our products and services and ensure that sensitive medical records are only exchanged over excellently encrypted channels between patients, doctors and hospitals. More than 2,000 doctors, 200 hospitals and insurance companies, and thousands of consumers currently rely on our solutions, a number that is growing by the day.


Insel Gruppe AG – six hospitals with over 10,000 employees

Berne's Inselspital is one of five Swiss university hospitals and employs around 7,700 staff. Spital Netz Bern comprises the Aarberg, Münsingen, Riggisberg and Tiefenau public hospitals, together with Spital und Altersheim Belp (a hospital and retirement home), with a total of 2,800 employees. The public hospitals of Spital Netz Bern AG and Inselspital hospital are merging to form Insel Gruppe AG at the start of 2016.



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