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Press release

WEKO approves the new marketing organisation of Ringier, SRG and Swisscom

Zurich, 16 December 2015

The Swiss advertising market is looking up: The WEKO Competition Commission has given the green light to the joint marketing company of Ringier, SRG and Swisscom. In its examination of the business plan of the three partners, the WEKO has not found any indication that an effective competition would be eliminated by the project. Therefore, the new marketing organisation may be established, as planned.

The WEKO Competition Commission has submitted the planned bundling of the marketing activities of Ringier, SRG and Swisscom to an in-depth examination. Specifically, it investigated a possible position of the new company that would dominate the market in relation to target-group specific TV advertising. In the process of its examination, the WEKO has come to the conclusion that due to the effective competition the joint venture can be approved as planned without requirements or conditions.

The project involves the establishment of a corporation in which each of the three companies has a one third interest. Swisscom and Ringier will contribute their advertising activities, their advertising inventory and their marketing organisations to the joint venture, while SRG will integrate its marketing company, publisuisse, into the new corporation. The name of the new company has not been determined so far.
The company’s services will be available to all advertising clients, agencies and to other providers of advertising inventory.



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