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Patient records for Liechtenstein

Berne, 15 April 2016

The Principality of Liechtenstein hopes to introduce patient records for its citizens nationwide by 2017. For this reason, Verein eHealth Liechtenstein hopes to create a platform that allows patients to access their personal health data and connects service providers. For the implementation of the project, Verein eHealth Liechtenstein is relying on Swisscom Health Connect.

Due to the growing importance of communications and information technology in the healthcare sector, Switzerland established the eHealth Strategy as early as 2007 and the decision was made to introduce electronic patient records just like in the EU. Various hospitals subsequently got together to create eHealth communities that were organised in the form of supporting associations.


Initial situation in Liechtenstein

In 2012, Liechtenstein’s government approved the eHealth Strategy Liechtenstein, which is heavily based on the strategy in place in Switzerland, and convened a working group for its implementation. In December 2015, Verein eHealth Liechtenstein was founded on the initiative of the Liechtensteinisches Landesspital (Liechtenstein National Hospital – LLS) and the medical laboratory centre Dr. Risch (LMZ) in close collaboration with the Office of Public Health. The Liechtenstein Medical Association and a group of doctors are also involved as part of the project team. In addition to sponsors LMZ and LLS, members of the association (service providers in the healthcare sector) and the country of Liechtenstein are also helping to finance the project.


Implementation with Swisscom Health Connect

Verein eHealth Liechtenstein is aiming to introduce patient records by 2017 on the Swisscom Health Connect platform. It offers a service that supports all common processes, from hospital registration to viewing records right through to the electronic prescription. It is based on the international standard IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) and has now been adapted to the country’s specific requirements. Stefano Santinelli, Head of eHealth at Swisscom, is full of confidence for the implementation in Liechtenstein: “We are very familiar with the standards and solutions for patient records. With our partners, we are already working on significant networking projects in Zurich, Berne, St. Gallen and Basel. This familiarity with the subject matter combined with our IT expertise creates the ideal conditions for successful implementation of the project in Liechtenstein.”


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