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A sea of flowers to raise awareness

Berne, 19 May 2016

Daily life in our digital society has undergone enormous changes, primarily as a result of mobile Internet usage. We devote an ever-increasing amount of attention to digital devices. Swisscom is committed to their responsible use and will be distributing flowers to passers-by in Zurich Main Train Station on 20 May to raise their awareness of the issue of media skills.

Colourful flowers, as far as the eye can see. Those walking through Zurich Main Station on Friday, 20 May will be met with a sea of flowers. Some 50 Swisscom employees will distribute 30,000 red gerberas to passers-by. The flowers are an invitation to examine our digital behaviour. They will encourage those who receive one to give half an hour of their undivided attention to someone close to them.


Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our daily lives and are an extremely efficient tool for getting work done and making it easier to keep in touch with family and friends. In addition, apps offer a wide range of entertainment options. The multifunctionality of these handy devices does, however, demand a high degree of attention – something that is sometimes forgotten in our day-to-day interactions with people who are important to us. “These devices have now captivated us to the extent that we even devote all our attention to their screens while walking”, says Michael In Albon, Officer for the protection of young people from harmful media and media literacy expert at Swisscom.


For increased media skills

Swisscom is committed to developing media skills in Switzerland and promotes conscious, responsible usage of new media. “As parents, teachers, employees and managers, we need to be aware that we are always setting an example – the way in which we use media impacts on the way in which our children and those around us do so, too. It’s not just about going offline, it’s also about using our online time purposefully,” says Michael In Albon.

To achieve this goal, Swisscom offers its customers support: for instance, Swisscom is the largest provider of media courses for teachers, parents and schoolchildren in Switzerland. The “Mediastark” advice platform offers tips for making children media savvy in their everyday lives and the Swisscom-supported “Offtime app” allows users to set up mobile-less downtime periods. These are just some examples that go to show Swisscom’s consistent approach to teaching people how to use new media sustainably.


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