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Press release

Swisscom welcomes the No vote to the “Pro Service Public” initiative

Berne, 05 June 2016

The people and Council of States have rejected the “Pro Service Public” initiative. Swisscom welcomes this decision and the Swiss population’s commitment to modern public services. Swisscom will continue to fulfil its responsibilities to provide a comprehensive range of products throughout Switzerland and offer its customers the best possible services.

Swisscom welcomes the decision of the people and the Council of States. The No vote is a vote in favour of modern public services, based first and foremost on intense competition and only secondarily on state regulation. It is precisely this competition that has led to Switzerland’s network infrastructure being among the best in the world. The rejection of the initiative allows Swisscom to continue to compete successfully against other domestic and international companies.

Swisscom will take up the concerns of its customers expressed during the referendum campaign to further improve its services and continue to offer Switzerland the best possible public service.


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