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Families gain even more with Swisscom: up to five people can now take advantage of the Tutto benefit

Berne, 14 July 2016

Great news for families and those living in shared accommodation: up to five people who live together in the same household can now take advantage of the Tutto benefit. The Natel light introductory offer and the xtra offerings for young people are now also eligible.

The Tutto benefit is already used by some 500,000 users. Swisscom is now upgrading it and making it accessible to even more people than before: up to five people living at the same address can now benefit from monthly savings with a subscription from the current Natel portfolio. Therefore not only families benefit from attractive discounts, but also people living in shared accommodation. In addition to its upgrade to include up to five people, the low-cost Natel light introductory offer and all xtra offerings for young people can now also profit from the Tutto benefit. This eligibility does not extend to prepaid subscriptions.

The package deal for customers with SME combined offers will remain unchanged, but will be now expanded to include business light Natel subscriptions.


One household – five times the savings

To qualify for the Tutto benefit, the customer must have a Vivo package for Internet, Swisscom TV, an optional fixed network connection and a Natel infinity or Natel light subscription at the same address. Not only does the eligible customer enjoy a discount, but it also extends up to four additional Natel infinity, light or xtra (infinity, light) subscribers in the same household. So the Müller family pay CHF 50 less each month with a Vivo M subscription, for example: as a Vivo and Natel infinity 2.0 L subscriber, Mr Müller saves CHF 20, Mrs Müller saves CHF 20 on her Natel infinity 2.0 M and their two children are also treated to a discount of CHF 5 on their Natel xtra infinity 2.0 S subscriptions. “With this offer, we are rewarding customers who use multiple services from Swisscom. Moreover, the offer is being expanded to include the Natel light and xtra subscriptions, which makes it even more attractive not just for families, but for young adults too,” explains Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Products and Marketing.


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