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Top security on the Swisscom hotline thanks to voice recognition

Berne, 28 July 2016

As of the beginning of August, Swisscom is launching Voiceprint for its hotline, a new software for voice recognition. The so-called customer voiceprint enables an even faster and more secure identity check than before. The system is already established in the banking sector and is being successfully used by among others Barclays and First Bank.

With the steadily growing availability and usage of online services, it is becoming easier and easier for potential defrauders to gain access to personal data on the Internet and to present themselves as a different person (so-called “social engineering”). Swisscom is taking this risk into account and is protecting its customers: as of the beginning of August – thanks to a new software – they will be clearly and quickly identified starting with the second call and will no longer have to answer any more security questions. “With Voiceprint, we are offering our customers on the hotline the leading edge security standard and in this way we can protect their sensitive data even better”, says Pascal Jaggi, Head of Customer Care at Swisscom.


Here's how Voiceprint works

While the caller speaks, in just a few seconds Voiceprint measures different voice characteristics such as frequency, speed, pronunciation and accent. An individual voiceprint results from these characteristics, on the basis of which the voice cannot be imitated. Conversation content is not stored. If the customer does not want a voiceprint recording, he can deactivate it in the customer centre or tell the account executive on the hotline. These customers will continue to be identified by using security questions.


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