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Actively tackling the shortage of specialists

Berne, 03 August 2016

Some 325 new apprentices will begin their training at Swisscom in the coming days. More than half of them have chosen an ICT-related profession, including, for the first time ever, five apprentice interactive media designers. Swisscom immediately hired about half of the 124 ICT apprentices who graduated at the end of July 2016. Of these, 32 were IT specialists and 24 mediamatics technicians. Swisscom therefore trains a significant proportion of its specialists itself and helps provide up-and-coming talent for this forward-looking sector.

In early August, 62 apprentices will begin their training as IT specialists and 85 as mediamaticians at the ICT company. New training programmes in media design are designed to help meet the high demand in this field. Interactive media designers develop concepts for demanding interactive digital media such as Web sites, apps, audio, video and 3D files and help create multimedia platforms for customers.


There is also increased demand for telematics technicians, who install our digital offerings at customer locations and on systems. As a result, more apprentices are training for ICT professions than in any other educational field.


Swisscom has been committed to vocational education and training for many years, and the company knows the importance of constantly adapting its training to changing demands. “We help our apprentices become employable by offering training programmes that are both attractive and adapted to the needs of business in Switzerland,” says Marc Marthaler, Head of Next Generation at Swisscom. “This includes our unique training model, which features projects from the different Swisscom divisions, projects which the apprentices apply for themselves, thus taking on responsibilities from the outset.”


The apprenticeship to become a retail expert remains popular: 67 young men and 29 young women have chosen to enter this career. By contrast, the number of apprentices for commercial and office assistants is falling. The training programme for customer service experts, which Swisscom and other providers developed in association with Callnet, has now established itself.


Way-up and collaboration with universities of applied sciences

Swisscom also paves the way for high-school graduates to become IT technicians or mediamaticians: 21 new apprentices will begin a two-year “Way-up” fast-track apprenticeship programme for high-school graduates. The bachelor degree course with integrated practicein IT (PiBS), launched last year together with the Brig University of Applied Sciences, will also now be expanded to other universities of applied sciences. Five people will start this four-year dual training programme, which will lead to them gaining a bachelor’s degree as well as practical professional experience.


High success and re-employment rates

This summer, 263 apprentices — more than 95% of the total — completed their training with Swisscom. About half of these graduates will obtain their next professional experience within the company.

In total, Swisscom employs some 865 trainees across Switzerland in eight job profiles.


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