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Security Report 2017: A new threat dimension

Berne, 07 April 2017

Swisscom is constantly monitoring the global security situation within the network and publishes its analyses on an annual basis. In the latest publication, the focus is primarily on the worrying increase in global identity theft and Internet espionage. The effects of these cyber attacks are also analysed, as well as possible causes and defensive measures.

Cyber attacks on companies are unfortunately part of everyday life nowadays, and this applies across the globe. The consequences are severe: around a million login details for user accounts were stolen in seven significant data leaks across a range of industries and companies in Switzerland alone. Swisscom's Security Report 2017 is making this public for the first time. Also exclusive to the report is an overview of how seriously these data thefts affect individual Swiss industrial sectors as well as our media and public administration.

Also covered in the report:

  • The virtual security situation as a current threat radar 
  • Bounties for people who discover vulnerabilities: experiences and current figures from the first year of Swisscom's bug bounty programme
  • Where data that is stolen as part of data leaks ends up and how such a theft affects the economy and society (“known unknowns”)
  • Targeted and averted attack on thousands of users following the disclosure of data due to a data leak
  • How innovative approaches can be taken to prevent attacks and better protect customers (e.g. “Phishing Inspector”)

While cyber threats are often technical in nature, effective countermeasures should also be sought outside the technical sphere. Knowledge is one of the most effective defensive measures - knowledge of interrelationships and possible countermeasures. With the Security Report, Swisscom hopes to share its knowledge with society, increase public awareness of the risk and make protective measures more widely known.


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