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Digital building blocks: Swisscom apprentices take an active role in shaping their own futures

Berne, 02 August 2017

Today, 278 young people are beginning apprenticeships at Swisscom, around half of them in ICT jobs. During their training, the apprentices will apply for several projects in various divisions through an online marketplace. This allows them to take responsibility for their training at an early stage.

Careers in ICT are popular. Amongst young people, there is a growing affinity for digital technology and interest in new media. For several years, the percentage growth rate for apprenticeship positions in IT or mediamatics has run into double figures. However, this is still not enough to fulfil the growing demand for ICT professionals. To keep pace with the rapidly developing digital environment, skilled ICT personnel are essential. This is also the case for Swisscom. “ICT apprentices are crucial to our business. We take our responsibility seriously and are offering 42 IT professionals and 62 mediamaticians the opportunity to start their careers in the world of ICT. At the same time, we are helping to reduce the shortage of skilled professionals,” says Marc Marthaler, Head of Next Generation at Swisscom. In addition, 19 school leavers will begin the two-year “Way up” apprenticeship as IT specialists and mediamaticians this summer. Successful completion of this training course gives direct entry to a university of applied science.

Alongside careers in ICT, the apprenticeship in retail business sales is also very popular. Around 78 young people will start this traineeship at Swisscom at the start of August. In contrast, the demand for office jobs is declining. This year, Swisscom is only training 41 new office administrators and assistants. Alongside the apprentices, a further seven young people will start their practical BSc in Computer Science at Swisscom this summer.


The digital marketplace allows individualised training

Digitisation influences the way in which we work and learn. Among young people, there is an increasing demand for flexible training modules which promote project and team work. Each month, Swisscom trainees are now able to access dozens of new projects from a range of divisions through an online marketplace. The young people apply for projects and complete them independently. This enables them to take a targeted approach to developing the skills that they really need. The ICT flat share is particularly suited to those creative thinking, entrepreneurial youngsters who want to try out their own innovations. Here they will find like-minded people who will help them to realise their ideas and initiatives.


Swisscom congratulates its qualified trainees

In July, 222 trainees successfully completed their training at Swisscom. This equates to a completion rate of 95 percent. Many trainees achieved outstanding grades and dissertations and have been commended by their home cantons. Swisscom would like to congratulate all trainees on their exceptional performances. The company has offered permanent jobs to around half the trainees. Across Switzerland, Swisscom is currently training 905 apprentices in seven vocational disciplines.



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