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Swisscom and social partners agree on salaries for 2018

Berne, 27 February 2018

Swisscom and its social partners, syndicom and transfair, have completed their salary negotiations, agreeing on a 1.1 per cent wage bill rise.

Swisscom and its social partners have agreed on a 1.1. per cent wage bill rise for CEA employees in 2018. Employee salary increases are based on personal performance and salary band position, with a minimum of 0.5 per cent annually being fixed for the majority of employees.
Instead of a salary increase, employees with salaries in the top third of the salary band will receive a one-time payment dependent on their performance evaluation.


“The agreed salary increase allows for targeted adjustments, ensures greater fairness and rewards employees for their performance,” says Hans Werner, HR Head and member of the Swisscom Group Executive Board.


The social partners have also approved the salary agreement. Giorgio Pardini, Head of ICT at the syndicom trade union, is happy with the outcome: “This salary agreement shows Swisscom’s appreciation of the key part played by all employees in the company’s success. So it is only fair that, if possible, all should benefit from a general increase in salary.”


Robert Métrailler, Branch Head of the transfair staff association, comments: “Besides a personal rise, the vast majority of employees will also receive a general salary increase. By granting a one-time payment, employees in the top bracket are also taken into account. I therefore regard the outcome of the salary negotiations in a positive light.”


The salary agreement applies to all of Swisscom's 13,500 employees subject to the collective employment agreement. The salary increases come into effect on 1 April.


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