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Bye bye 2G

After almost 30 years, 2G has finally had its day. The outdated mobile technology was switched off for good in early April. It has made way for new technologies that are much more powerful, reliable and sustainable. For four years, Swisscom has been helping its customers to switch to new devices, to ensure that they can continue to use the best network in Switzerland.

A mobile phone journey through time

The first mobile phones hit the world almost 30 years ago. Within a short time they became the smartphones that have become an integral part of our everyday lives.

The most common questions

Here you will find the most important answers for the renewal of the mobile network.

Why was Swisscom's 2G network switched off?

When did Swisscom switch off the 2G network?

Do I need to change my device (mobile phone/machine application)?

My device (mobile phone/machine application) has not been working as usual since was 2G switched off. Is it sufficient to insert a new SIM card?

What will happen to my old mobile phone?

My 3G device does not run any more or is restricted, why is that?

My 3G/4G device no longer works, what could the reason be?

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Donate your old mobile phones for children in need.