Bye bye 2G

Since the beginning of 2021, we have been gradually switching off the 2G mobile technology, which is more than 25 years old. This will make room for new technologies that are much more powerful, reliable and sustainable. If you still have a mobile phone, an alarm system, a lift emergency call system or a heating control that communicates via 2G, we can support you to switch to a new device.

A mobile phone journey through time

The first mobile phones hit the world almost 30 years ago. Within a short time they became the smartphones that have become an integral part of our everyday lives.

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Donate your old mobile phones for children in need.

The most common questions

Here you will find the most important answers for the renewal of the mobile network.

How can I check if I am affected by the end of 2G?

When exactly is 2G going to be switched off?

When will 3G be repurposed?

What should I do if I am affected by the end of 2G?

What will happen if I do nothing?