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Developing ideas together - Swisscom launches a new innovation area

Customers can now actively participate in the innovation process at Swisscom. The company is launching its own ideas area on the website, where customers can submit their creative suggestions, concepts and ideas and interact with the Swisscom innovation team. The ideas are collected and can be evaluated, commented upon and developed by other users. Those suggestions that are rated as good by the community are taken onboard by Swisscom, followed up and implemented if they show sufficient potential.
Berne, 29 March 2011

By creating the new ideas area on the Swisscom Labs webpage, Swisscom is opening up the innovation process to enable it to better address customer requirements. Visitors can easily upload their ideas in text, image or video format and present them to the community, who can then evaluate the ideas, suggest improvements and vote on what they consider to be the most exciting ideas. In order to identify how much progress has been made on an idea, each suggestion submitted is given a status. The Swisscom innovation team will also present its own suggestions and concepts and test them together with the customers. The best and most popular ideas will be evaluated by Swisscom every week. If an idea has sufficient potential, it will be tested by Swisscom and then developed with the help of experts and, if possible, implemented. "Successful innovations require close cooperation with customers, because they know best how they want to live and work", says Stéphane Dufour, Head of Strategy & Innovation at Swisscom (Switzerland).

Swisscom has been using the Swisscom Labs platform to present innovations and news from the field of technology and telecommunications to business and residential customers since 2007. Users can try out and comment on applications and developers and startup companies can present their own mobile and web applications and get feedback from the community. The platform thus allows Swisscom to offer developers the opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience.

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