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Press release

Rega looks to Swisscom for high-speed data connectivity on the ground

Swiss Air Rescue (Rega) is well known for its rapid-response and life-saving missions. But it is not just speed in the air that matters to Rega. Thanks to a high-speed data connection solution from Swisscom, the flow of information on the ground is now even faster and more reliable.
Berne, 13 April 2011

All missions undertaken by the 13 helicopter bases across Switzerland are coordinated from the Rega Centre at Zurich's Kloten airport, the headquarters of the well-known foundation. All locations are now connected to the Operations Centre via a Swisscom LAN interconnect service. The fibre-optic technology means that Swiss Air Rescue now has a high-bandwidth data traffic service with guaranteed availability.

Swiss Air Rescue's old copper wire connections have had their day. New IT applications demand ever greater bandwidth and Swisscom's fibre-optic solution means that Rega is now well equipped for the future, which means that Rega can continue to focus on saving lives.

Fibre-optics have proved their worth in the business customer segment

Swisscom has been offering its business customers fibre-optic solutions for more than ten years. Fibre optics have expanded to such a degree that well over 15,000 businesses now have fibre-optic connections. Thanks to fibre optics, bandwidths can be scaled to business requirements at any time. Short-term bandwidth increases can be put in place within 24 hours, which allows business customers to optimise their processes and cut costs.

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