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Press release

Swisscom subsidiary Evita launches free online health dossier

Now you can store your health data and documents online in the free Evita health dossier and access them at any time and from anywhere in the world via a secure login system. Data stored in Evita is maintained by the owners themselves, who can selectively grant trusted individuals access to the dossier.
Berne, 03 May 2011

These days, important health-related documents and data, such as doctor’s reports, diagnoses and X-rays, are often difficult to find when you need them. Now, you can store these data in your own health dossier, which can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world. The protection of personal data is Evita’s top priority: only the dossier owner can determine who has access to his or her data. He or she can authorise other individuals, such as doctors or family members, to access the dossier.

Swisscom and Evita believe that personal health management is becoming increasingly important. In the age of Web 2.0, doctors are often faced with active, networked and informed patients. In order for patients to become more empowered, it is crucial that they have complete access to their own health data.

Patrick Kutschera, CEO of Evita AG, explains: “We want to enable people to actively manage their own health.” To this end, Evita flexibly adapts itself to its users' health and family requirements. For this reason, Evita offers two subscriptions, Evita and Evita Plus, as well as the additional module Evita Diabetes. In the Evita free subscription, you can store health data, travel details and important contacts. In Evita Plus, which costs CHF 3 per month, in addition to the basic functions, you can manage your entire family’s data and enter vital statistics such as weight, blood pressure and pulse or transfer this information directly from appropriate devices. The additional module, Evita Diabetes, provides diabetics with an electronic diabetes diary for a fee of CHF 2 per month.

About Evita AG

Evita AG develops and distributes electronic products and solutions for personal preventative care and health management, with a focus on enhanced networking between patients and health service providers. In 2009 it launched the electronic health dossier Evita Med, Switzerland’s first doctor-maintained health dossier. In 2011, Evita AG launched the free online health dossier Evita, thereby adding to its range of products. Evita AG is a subsidiary of Swisscom AG and is based in Berne.

Swisscom AG on the health market

Swisscom pursues a holistic approach on the health market, by providing information and communication services both for service providers and for personal health management by private individuals. To this end, Swisscom relies on innovative, user-friendly solutions which consumers can integrate into their daily lives at home.

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