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Press release

Swisscom gives you more mobile surfing and free calls abroad

From 1 September, Swisscom customers will receive more inclusive services: customers with Natel liberty primo and liberty medio subscriptions will enjoy more than twice the data volume for mobile surfing, while BeFree and BusinessOne flat-rate subscriptions will now offer residential and business customers free calls to Europe and North America and free SMS/MMS messages to all countries. The monthly subscription charges will remain unchanged.
Berne, 22 August 2011

More and more customers have smartphones and therefore make great use of mobile internet. Swisscom is responding to this trend by doubling the volume of inclusive mobile data traffic in its subscriptions, with a new automatic limit for Natel liberty primo of 250MB instead of 100 MB, and Natel liberty medio now offering 500MB instead of 250 MB. Customers who exceed the inclusive data volume will continue to enjoy the CHF 5 daily cost ceiling. The monthly basic charges will remain unchanged.

Call the EU and North America for free with flat-rate subscriptions

Swisscom is also responding to the increasing international networking of its residential and business clients and expanding its BeFree and BusinessOne flat-rate subscriptions: from 1 September, up to 300 minutes' worth of calls from Switzerland to the EU and North America duration are included and the cost of calls to more than 70 countries has been reduced. SMS and MMS messaging from Switzerland to every country in the world is now also free of charge, while calls, SMS/MMS messages and mobile surfing within Switzerland remain included. Customers will benefit automatically from all these increases.

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