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New from Swisscom TV: practical functions and attractive introductory offers

On 21 November, Swisscom TV will be adding a range of new functions. Specially developed TV apps, a more user-friendly video on demand service as well as the option of viewing images from your PC on the television are set to make the television experience even more exciting. Swisscom is also offering attractive introductory packages for new digital television customers from 21 November. And Swisscom TV air easy, the free, advertising-financed TV channel, is available now.
Berne, 16 November 2011

Today, apps are among the basic features of any smartphone. From 21 November, Swisscom is bringing these handy little applications to television. The apps, which have been specially designed for Swisscom TV, include a weather forecasting service, news, VOD (video on demand) and TV and sport tips. Photos can also be viewed on the television using one of the Swisscom TV apps. To do so, you can either access a personal Flickr, Picasa or Facebook profile or set up a wireless connection to your PC.

Swisscom TV's Teleclub on Demand offering has been expanded since its launch five years ago from 500 titles available on demand to more than 5,000 today. Features such as ease of use and search functions play a key role with such a wide selection of films available. Swisscom is therefore upgrading its VoD store with the addition of a new navigation, a "highlights" category and a reservation function. These new functions will be rolled out gradually and will be available for all customers by early December.

Attractive offers for new digital television customers

In the coming years, more than a million Swiss households will be switching from analogue to digital television. In order to help facilitate entry into the world of digital TV, Swisscom is offering these customers two new introductory packages. Swisscom TV select is a service with no monthly basic charge. It is aimed at film and sport fans and allows access to the full Teleclub on Demand and Teleclub Sport Live offering. The other new offering is Swisscom TV start. For a monthly charge of CHF 14, customers can enjoy more than 50 television channels, digital radio as well as the on-demand video and sport offering.

Existing Swisscom TV basic customers are also set to benefit. From the beginning of December they will be able to receive 16 HD channels in the basic Swisscom TV package and will be able to watch programmes on a second or third television set.

Don't miss anything, even when on the move: free television for mobile, PC, laptop and tablet

Swisscom TV air easy, a free television channel that is financed by advertising, rounds off Swisscom's new TV offering. This is available via mobile phone, PC, laptop and tablet and does not require a Swisscom subscription. Unlike Swisscom TV air, the mobile data transmission charges associated with Swisscom TV air easy are based on the relevant mobile subscription.

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