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Press release

Swisscom to build a high-speed fibre-optic network in Herisau and Teufen

Swisscom plans to install fibre-optic cable in the municipalities of Herisau and Teufen (canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden) during the course of the next few years and to connect homes and businesses in these municipalities to the high-speed communications network. Swisscom will inform the first property owners of its expansion plans at the beginning of 2012, and work will begin in the spring. Swisscom has been engaged in talks with St. Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke (SAK) for quite some time and regrets that no agreement has so far been reached concerning joint expansion.
Berne, 02 December 2011

Swisscom has been engaged in talks with SAK concerning the joint expansion of the fibre-optic network in Herisau und Teufen for over a year. SAK insists on building the access network itself. For Swisscom this is not acceptable as it would like to involve 50 percent of its own infrastructure in the cooperation and views this as the only way to achieve a balanced partnership. However, SAK's offer rules this out.

Swisscom regrets that there will be no joint fibre-optic expansion and that the networks of both companies will be laid in parallel. The parallel construction will lead to higher expansion costs and higher emissions for the residents of Herisau und Teufen. Swisscom has nevertheless decided to push ahead with the expansion of its own network to ensure that customers in both municipalities can continue in future to purchase Swisscom services in the quality that they are accustomed to. The construction of a fibre-optic network is necessary in order to be able to continue to meet the future bandwidth requirements of businesses and private households, i.e. the need for even faster Internet access.
Swisscom will install at least four fibre-optic cables per household and business. This is in line with the recommendations of the roundtable led by the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom). Swisscom will also allow other telecoms providers access to the new network to enable customers to benefit from attractive offerings from different providers. Cooperation with SAK remains a possibility. Swisscom remains at SAK's disposal should it wish to engage in further talks.

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