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Press release

Swisscom makes mobile surfing and texting even easier for under-26s

More than half of young people now have a smartphone and use it to surf the Web. In fact, young people are particularly avid users of mobile data communication. That's why Swisscom is introducing new, more attractive subscriptions for young people on 1 March. These combine higher monthly data volumes of up to 1.5 GB with up to 2000 text messages a month, ensuring that young Swisscom customers can get online easily whenever they want and wherever they are.
Berne, 21 February 2012

Swisscom's younger customers already send and receive twice as much data on their mobile phones as they did just a year ago. If mobile surfing is to be quick and easy for them, they therefore need not only a reliable and fast mobile network but also sufficient data volumes in their subscription. Swisscom is constantly expanding its mobile network, and is now introducing its Natel xtra S, M and L subscriptions targeted specifically at young people under 26. These subscriptions offer monthly data volumes of up to 1.5 GB and 2000 text messages, giving young people substantially more as part of their package.

Natel xtra S is aimed at users new to mobile surfing, while the M and L plans are more appropriate for young people who surf regularly or very often on their phones. All three subscriptions include monthly data volumes. If these aren't enough, built-in restrictions prevent surfing costs exceeding CHF 5 a day. The new subscriptions can be ordered free of charge by SMS from tomorrow (by texting xtras, xtram or xtral to 444) or at Swisscom Shops or the Swisscom Online Shop from 1 March onwards.

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