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Press release

EWD and Swisscom plan to push ahead with joint fibre-optic expansion in Derendingen

In Derendingen (Canton of Solothurn), the municipal electricity and water company EWD and Swisscom have decided to collaborate on the expansion of the fibre-optic network into their customers’ homes and businesses. In a declaration of intent, the two partners have agreed on the most important basic aspects concerning how the joint fibre-optic network will be constructed and who will assume which costs. In the coming years, all buildings in Derendingen will be connected directly to the fast fibre-optic network. The definitive agreement will be worked out in the coming months.
Berne, 02 March 2012

In the coming years, EWD (Elektrizitäts- und Wasserversorgung Derendingen) and Swisscom plan to connect all 3,000 homes and businesses in Derendingen to the fast fibre-optic network. This cooperation will enable the network to be built at a significantly lower cost. Four fibres will be laid for each connection. This will allow competition through the joint network, which will be available to all service providers without any discrimination. In taking this approach, the partners are following ComCom (Swiss Federal Communications Commission) recommendations.

EWD has already been laying optical fibre from neighbourhoods into homes and businesses since 2010. The fibre-optic connections it has already laid will be incorporated into the joint project. Swisscom is responsible for laying fibre-optic cable from the telephone exchange into local neighbourhoods. Both parties will each assume half of the basic connection costs. The agreement complies with the basic principles of those in other cities with similar collaborations. There the agreements were updated after the Competition Commission (ComCo) expressed concerns about specific clauses in autumn 2011. Starting in 2013, the first customers in Derendingen will be able to use attractive telephone, Internet and TV services over the new network.

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