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Press release

Swisscom to lower roaming prices once again

For Swisscom customers, using a mobile phone abroad will become even cheaper from 1 July: as announced in autumn last year, the cost of phoning within Europe will drop by a further CHF 0.05 per minute. Prepaid customers will benefit from even greater price reductions. In addition, a new weekly package with an allowance of 50 MB for CHF 24 will allow customers to surf on their smartphones at rates below the regulated EU prices. And mobile internet will become more attractive for Swisscom customers in a further 25 countries. This means Swisscom will continue to be Switzerland's cheapest roaming provider.
Berne, 03 May 2012

Swisscom is Switzerland's only mobile service provider to have been continually lowering its roaming prices since 2006 – by up to 80%. Last autumn, Swisscom also announced to its customers that there would be yearly price reductions until 2014. As of 1 July, Swisscom is taking this one step further: as well as the prices for phone calls in the EU, prices for the use of mobile internet abroad are being dropped. The package offering 50 MB for CHF 24 is now valid for a whole week rather than just one day, enabling customers to surf regularly from countries in the EU. This means that customers will benefit from prices that lie even below the tariffs regulated by the EU. In addition, mobile internet for Swisscom customers in a further 25 countries outside of Europe will become more attractive, and prepaid customers will also be able to make phone calls, send SMS messages and surf the Internet in other European countries at a much cheaper rate.

Transparency and cost tracking make for problem-free mobile surfing abroad

With its attractive offerings, Swisscom not only makes sure that its customers can stay connected with family and friends while they are abroad, it also protects them from unwanted expensive bills. Since last summer, Swisscom customers have been benefitting from free SMS messages that let them know if they exceed the CHF 50 threshold for mobile surfing. To make customers feel safer about their costs, they can activate and individually adapt a limit in the data roaming cockpit. The cockpit can be called up from any smartphone or tablet, from within Switzerland or abroad, at

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