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Press release

New at Swisscom: combined package for new users

Combined packages, containing telephony, Internet and TV in one, are becoming increasingly popular. More than 650 000 customers already have such a package from Swisscom. Swisscom is adding an attractive offer for new users to its Vivo Casa combined packages. The new Vivo Casa 2* now allows users to enjoy TV with Swisscom TV start, fast Internet access at 5 Mbps and free weekend calls to all Swisscom landline and mobile numbers. All Vivo Casa customers with a fibre-optic connection can now also enjoy the Rapido option, giving them much faster Internet speeds.
Berne, 07 May 2012

The Vivo Casa packages give Swisscom customers a clear selection of communication and entertainment packages, all from a single source. More than 650,000 households already use one of the popular combination packages. The current 3*, 4* and 5* packages are now being complemented by Vivo Casa 2*, a package for new users. TV start features more than 60 TV channels, 6 HD channels and a wide range of film and sports channels on demand. A surfing speed of 5 Mbps provides high-speed web access. And there's plenty of time for chatting too as weekend calls to Swisscom landline and mobile numbers are free. Vivo Casa 2* costs CHF 79 (incl. connection charges) and is available immediately at and in the Swisscom Shop. Like all other Vivo Casa packages, the new offering can be combined with a NATEL subscription to allow customers to benefit from Vivo Tutto offers.

The 5* Vivo Casa package is also more attractive. The top package now costs just CHF 159 (down from CHF 179) and now includes the international landline option. This gives customers 500 free minutes of evening and weekend calls to landline numbers in the EU, US and Canada.

Fibre-optic customers enjoy faster surfing with the Rapido option

All customers with a Vivo Casa combined package and a fibre-optic connection can enjoy at least twice their current surfing speed with the Rapido option. Until now this option was only available with the 5* package. Customers with this option have the following broadband speeds: 10 instead of 5 Mbps with Vivo Casa 2*, 20 instead of 10 Mbps with Vivo Casa 3*, 50 instead of 20 Mbps with Vivo Casa 4* and 100 instead of 50 Mbps with Vivo Casa 5*. The cost of this option has been cut from CHF 35 to just CHF 15 a month.

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