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Swisscom work/life balance study - One in two employees can be reached for business after office hours and at the weekend

In cooperation with 20 Minuten, Swisscom conducted a representative study on today's communication-related behaviour and needs. The study was carried out with the professional support of the Institute for Work Research and Organizational Consultancy (iafob). The results reveal that modern means of communication are having a significant impact on people's private and working lives.
Berne, 05 June 2012

Communication behaviour has changed a lot over the last ten years. New devices such as smartphones and tablets and new communication channels such as social media are increasingly blurring the divide between people's private and working lives. The survey reveals that 57% of employees can be reached in the evening after office hours and that over half of them can even be reached for business at the weekend – whether by phone (88%), e-mail (65%) or SMS (59%). Those surveyed named responsibility towards colleagues (57%) and towards customers (32%) as the most important reason for being reachable outside of normal office hours.

The concentration and workflow of about one-third of respondents are impaired by colleagues, line managers and customers spontaneously coming by their workplace (30%) or by incoming phone calls (29%). A third of those surveyed would like to have the option of assessing how important incoming phone calls are and of forwarding them to others accordingly.

Restricting availability systematically

With Profile Switching, Swisscom has developed a tool that employees can use to control how and by which channels they wish to be reachable. With the help of a web application, employees can manage communication channels including their business telephone, mobile phone and e-mail easily and individually. With a simple click, they can switch between the profiles they have defined themselves, e.g. "office", "do not disturb" or "on holiday". Incoming calls and e-mails are handled according to the profile selected at any given time. This allows employees to receive private calls when they are on holiday while having business calls forwarded to their colleagues automatically. With the Profile Switching mobile app, they can switch profiles at any time while out and about.

Swisscom offers solutions such as Profile Switching to help their business customers to navigate the communication world's ongoing major changes. Managed Communications & Collaboration, Audio, Web, Video and Telephone Conferencing, as well as the Collaboration Whiteboard Service, also help to make it possible for customers to optimise the balance between their private and working lives. Last but not least, these solutions make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.
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