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Press release

World IPv6 Launch: Swisscom registered as IPv6-enabled Internet provider

6 June 2012 is World IPv6 Launch Day. From this date onwards Internet pioneers worldwide will be reachable not only via the customary IPv4 addresses but also via the new IPv6 addresses. Swisscom is participating in the launch both as an Internet provider and content provider.
Berne, 06 June 2012

Every device that uses the Internet requires an IP address. These addresses are number combinations that uniquely identify each device so that traffic can be routed to it. Until now  IP addresses have been in the IPv4 format. Dating back to the 1970s, this format was designed to handle a maximum of 4 billion addresses, a gigantic number at the time. Meanwhile most of these addresses have been used up, thus the reason for the launch of the new World IPv6 standard.

What's new?

From 6 June 2012 onwards, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Cisco and other Internet providers will be permanently reachable via IPv6. IPv6 will then be usable for the wider public. Swisscom is also involved in the launch: the addresses and can be accessed via IPv6. Swisscom has applied for certification as an IPv6-enabled Internet provider because the company meets the condition that a certain percentage of Internet traffic will be transmitted via IPv6.

Swisscom has been engaged in a trial run since  the end of May, upgrading the Centro Grande and Centro Piccolo routers to the IPv6 standard. As a result, tens of thousands of residential customers have automatic access to IPv6-enabled services, for example
Following the successful completion of the tests all Centro routers will be configured automatically for IPv6. No configurations are required on the part of customers.
Swisscom Corporate Business has been offering its customers a range of IPv6-based services for some time and provides comprehensive support with the rollout of IPv6 in the IT organisation.
For customers there is no change as regards Internet content or usage. Migration  to the new IP address standard is a purely technical procedure.

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