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Press release

Start of apprenticeships: Swisscom expands its training programme

On 2 August, 285 apprentices will begin their training at Swisscom. No other company in Switzerland offers training to more apprentices in ICT professions. For the first time ever, apprentices will begin a basic training programme to become customer dialogue specialists in French-speaking Switzerland and next year in Ticino. Swisscom now also relies exclusively on online applications for recruiting apprentices.
Berne, 02 August 2012

Today 285 young people will begin their apprenticeships at Swisscom, 118 of them in the ICT professions mediamatics and IT. Switzerland's ICT sector is growing continuously and this growth means that more and more IT and mediamatics technicians are needed. Swisscom takes its responsibility seriously and therefore provides training to more young people than any other company in Switzerland as highly-sought-after ICT specialists. In addition, training for customer dialogue specialists will be expanded. Eight apprentices will undergo this training programme in French-speaking Switzerland this year and it will also be offered in Ticino as of 2013.

Some 820 apprentices across Switzerland will begin their training at Swisscom in 2012 to become mediamatics technicians, IT technicians, retail specialists, commercial assistants, telematics technicians and customer dialogue specialists. Another 90 apprentices will undergo training at Swisscom's subsidiary Cablex.

Online applications

In today's world, young people are part of a well-networked digital community and roam the online world on a daily basis. As a result, Swisscom has switched over its application process completely to online applications. "In our dealings with pupils, we want to be on an equal footing and make applying at Swisscom both quick and easy," says Christian Gross, Head of Apprentice Recruitment at Swisscom.

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