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Press release

NATEL easy smart: the most customer-friendly prepaid tariff in Switzerland

Swisscom is giving its successful product NATEL easy a makeover. Customers who now choose this bestselling prepaid offering will benefit from a cost ceiling for calls, texting and surfing. Unlike other flat-rate tariffs, customers will only pay for services they actually use. NATEL easy smart offers cost control without any contractual commitment. The new tariff will be available from 1 October 2012 and existing customers will be able to switch over on request. NATEL easy start is also new and is a prepaid offering for children and young people under the age of 16.
Berne, 24 September 2012

NATEL easy is a pioneer among prepaid tariffs in Switzerland. Since its launch in 1996, Swisscom has attracted over 2.2 million customers for this mobile communications product range. The advantages are obvious: prepaid credit gives customers control over costs and frees them from contractual terms or minimum revenues. More than a third of Swisscom's mobile customers use a prepaid offering to make calls.

Like the successful infinity tariffs, the new prepaid tariff will also promote carefree, unlimited communication. For instance, NATEL easy smart customers will now benefit from a cost ceiling for calls, texting and surfing. At the same time, customers will only be charged for what they actually use. NATEL easy smart is the only prepaid tariff in Switzerland to offer per-second billing. For instance, a call to any Swiss network will cost only CHF 0.01 per second, with a maximum of one minute being billed. A NATEL easy smart customer therefore never pays more than CHF 0.60 for a phone call of up to an hour within Switzerland. Sending SMS messages will cost CHF 0.15 per message, up to a maximum of CHF 2 per day. NATEL easy smart will also permit unlimited surfing, with a maximum charge of CHF 2 per day debited from the balance, at a surfing speed of 1 Mbps. The new NATEL easy smart will be available from 1 October 2012. Existing customers will be able to transfer to the new tariff on request and the previous prepaid tariffs will cease to be marketed.
Swisscom will also be launching a new prepaid offering on 1 October 2012 for children and young people under the age of 16. NATEL easy start is based in principle on the new NATEL easy smart, but also offers free calls to three numbers and various mechanisms to protect children and young people, such as a block on value-added service numbers and a facility allowing parents to block all mobile Internet access by means of an SMS message. NATEL easy start also offers parents a free Swisscom course to show them how they can support their child in using their mobile phone. The offer is a further addition to Swisscom's various activities to promote media skills, which include special courses for secondary school pupils.

NATEL infinity - Already half a million customers

Swisscom's latest offerings are in line with its new product strategy. Customers at Swisscom enjoy unlimited calls and cost control. The success story of NATEL infinity goes to show that this is what customers want. Since the launch in June, half a million customers have opted for one of the new NATEL infinity subscriptions. According to Connect and Kassensturz, Swisscom customers benefit from the best telecoms network in Switzerland. To ensure that Swisscom can continue to offer its customers the best network, the company is investing around CHF 1.5 billion in expanding its mobile network over the next five years.

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