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Press release

Recorded TV programmes can now be watched abroad

Beginning 29 April Swisscom TV plus customers will also be able to access and watch recorded programmes while abroad using their smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. Urs Schaeppi, Head of Swisscom Switzerland: "More than 80% of our Swisscom TV plus customers regularly record programmes on television. They can now watch these outside of Switzerland too." In addition, iPhones and Android smartphones can now also be used as TV remote controls.
Berne, 23 April 2013

So, you are on holiday, it's raining, and there's nothing good on TV. Not a problem: from 29 April Swisscom TV plus customers will no longer have to make do without being able to watch their favourite programmes when they‘re abroad. You can now access your recordings from the last 30 days via WLAN and watch them on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. All that is needed is the Swisscom TV app for the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones or Swisscom TV online on your laptop. You can now record programmes from 70 standard-definition channels and 20 high-definition channels. A programme only becomes available to watch once it has been recorded in its entirety.

The smartphone remote control function makes using Swisscom TV much easier

In addition to being able to watch your recordings while outside of Switzerland, the latest version of the Swisscom TV app also has a great deal of other appealing functions. One of these is the new option of being able to use your smartphone as a remote control for your TV at home – something that could previously only be done with the iPad. Another new feature is that you can search for TV programmes that have been aired in the past 30 hours in addition to those being shown in the upcoming schedule. This allows customers to easily find programmes that they have missed and watch them on their smartphone or tablet or directly on their televisions. Almost 300,000 Swisscom TV customers have already activated the Replay function so far. Of these, approximately 80% use catch-up TV on a regular basis.

Five new HD channels to be launched June

From June onwards, Swisscom TV customers will be able to watch RTL, RTL II, VOX, SUPER RTL and RTL NITRO in HD quality. This will expand the selection of channels offered by Swisscom and now gives Swisscom TV basic and plus customers a total of 49 HD channels in the basic offering. 80% of all Swisscom TV customers can now also receive two HD signals at the same time.

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