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Press release

4G/LTE roaming for Swisscom customers

Swisscom is the first provider in Switzerland to offer its customers 4G/LTE roaming. From 21 June, Swisscom customers will be able to surf the Internet in South Korea with 4G/LTE. Other countries will be added on an ongoing basis “Not only have we assumed a pioneering role in the expansion of 4G/LTE in Switzerland, we are also now the international front runner when it comes to LTE roaming. This is something we are proud of, because it demonstrates our innovativeness“, says Heinz Herren, Head of Network & IT at Swisscom.
Berne, 20 June 2013

From tomorrow, 21 June, Swisscom will be making fast connections on the new 4G/LTE technology available to its customers in South Korea. The service is expected to be expanded to Canada and Hong Kong at the beginning of July. This makes Swisscom the first provider in Europe to facilitate 4G/LTE roaming on another continent. Swisscom 4G/LTE is likely to become available in some European countries in late summer, with further countries being added on an ongoing basis.

Cheaper surfing – outside Europe too

Mobile surfing abroad is becoming more and more popular and, thanks to Swisscom’s ongoing price reductions, it is also becoming ever cheaper. By European standards, Swisscom is particularly attractive for those travelling outside Europe: from 1 July, the 50 MB weekly package will cost only CHF 15 in many countries, almost 70 percent less than before. Swisscom customers will now be able to surf on the fast 4G/LTE network on other continents, making them the first European mobile phone users to be able to do so.

More than 50 percent 4G/LTE coverage in Switzerland

Last November, Swisscom became the first provider in Switzerland to begin providing the next generation mobile technology 4G/LTE. Since then, Swisscom has expanded its network as quickly as possible. As a result, over 50 percent of the Swiss population is already able to benefit from the increased capacity and speeds of the new network; by the end of 2013, that figure will exceed 70 percent. Around 450,000 customers are already surfing on Switzerland’s first 4G/LTE network, and from 10 July prepaid customers will also be able to access it.

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