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Press release

CHF 138 million order for Swiss consortium headed by Swisscom subsidiary cablex

Swisscom subsidiary cablex, as part of consortium CPC, consisting of cablex, PORR and Condotte/Cossi/LGV, has been awarded the contract to install the entire railway system and assume the overall coordination of the project in the Ceneri Base Tunnel. This was announced today by Alp Transit Gotthard AG (ATG). Alongside the construction of the new tunnel through the Gotthard, the Ceneri Base Tunnel is the biggest subproject of the NRLA. cablex will manage the subproject estimated at costing more than CHF 138 million, as well as the installation of the railway system and the overall coordination of the project, which will be implemented in collaboration with the PORR Group and Condotte/Cossi/LGV.
Berne, 15 August 2013

cablex and its two partners from the construction industry, PORR Group and Condotte/Cossi/LGV held their own against the other bidders. "We are proud to be able to contribute our knowledge and experience to what is after the Gotthard certainly the biggest milestone in the history of modern rail projects," said a pleased cablex CEO Hans-Peter Legler after the announcement of the contract's award to ARGE CPC. The consortium will combine its specialist expertise, local roots and international experience, Legler went on to say.

The project estimated at costing CHF 138 million includes the provision of cables, telecommunication and radio systems, as well as the installation of contact lines, power supply and the automation systems. “We drew up the tender based not only on the budget, quality and adherence to the deadline but also on maintaining a particular focus on the safety of future rail travellers,” cablex CEO Hans-Peter Legler continued. The installation of the railway system will get under way in 2016, by which time around a third of the 40-km-long tubes will still have to be bored through Mont Ceneri. Only at this stage will the consortium be able to start with the installation work. After the Gotthard Base Tunnel, this section is the largest section of the NRLA and is scheduled to enter into operation in 2019.

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