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Press release

Partnership agreement signed on expansion of fibre-optic network in Upper Valais

DANET Oberwallis AG and Swisscom today signed a partnership agreement on the construction, operation and maintenance of the fibre-optic network in Upper Valais. This ensures that both partners will have access to the entire network infrastructure in future. The first expansion phase of the new network meanwhile continues to make good progress.
Berne, 26 August 2013

After intensive negotiations and a detailed review, DANET Oberwallis AG and Swisscom today signed an extensive contract for fibre-optic cooperation in Upper Valais. The contract enables both partners to construct, operate and maintain the fibre-optic network cost-effectively and avoids any parallel construction by providers.

Crucial step made for the network of the future

Viola Amherd, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DANET Oberwallis AG, regards this as a crucial step: "It is the basis for our cooperation aimed at connecting the entire Upper Valais region with the network of the future and, in doing so, fulfilling the mandate we were given by the municipalities." It will also pave the way for the required competition because both partners will have access to the fibre-optic network in future. DANET Oberwallis AG and Swisscom will also rent out their network to other service providers, for example, Valaiscom AG. Customers will be able to choose via which provider they want to receive TV, Internet and telephony services. Existing connections will be incorporated into the partnership.

Heinz Herren, Head of Network and Infrastructure at Swisscom, adds: "Now that the contract has been signed, we can finally start to put the agreement reached back in June 2011 into action and in the first expansion phase connect some 15,000 apartments and businesses in Upper Valais to the fibre-optic network.“

First expansion phase in two parts

As part of the Upper Valais Fibre Optics project, some CHF 40 million are to be invested in connecting apartments and businesses to the fibre-optic network in a first phase lasting until 2015 . The project management is having to split the first expansion phase into two parts due to the overwhelming interest shown by the municipalities in the project. One year ago work started on expanding the network in parts of Brig-Glis and in the municipality of Gampel-Bratsch. Work will start on connecting the municipality of Visp in the next few months, while the connection of Obergoms is in the planning stage. The expansion in these areas will now be advanced. The municipalities that will be connected during the remainder of the first expansion phase will be decided in the coming weeks and the relevant agreements signed.

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