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Press release

075 – second Swisscom mobile dialling code

Swisscom has recently introduced a second mobile dialling code in the form of 075. In the foreseeable future, Swisscom will run out of number blocks for their familiar dialling code 079. For this reason, Swisscom applied to the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) in order to use the numbers from the 075 number range. The new dialling codes are now being assigned to data subscriptions.
Berne, 24 October 2013

Swisscom's launch of the first digital mobile network in Switzerland in 1993 coincided with the introduction of the first SIM cards, which at the time were the same size as a credit card. There are now approximately 6.4 million Swisscom SIM cards in circulation and this figure keeps growing. A large number of these SIM cards are used in mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and notebooks; however, there are also 320,000 SIM cards being used for communication between different machines. Although numbers that are no longer required are recycled after two years at the latest, the 079 number block allocated by OFCOM has gradually run out of available numbers. It has been estimated that by the end of 2014 there will be no more new SIM cards with the 079 dialling code.

075 numbers initially only available for data subscriptions

Swisscom is initially only introducing the 075 numbers for SIM cards for data subscriptions taken out by business customers. This means that the 079 dialling code will for the time being remain as the identifying feature of a Swisscom mobile phone number. Residential customers who take out a new Swisscom subscription in 2015 are likely be the first to receive phone numbers with the new 075 dialling code.

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