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Fast data connections now also available while holidaying in France

From today, Swisscom customers can also surf the Web at high speed on their mobile devices in other parts of Europe. Swisscom is the first Swiss telecoms provider to enable roaming in neighbouring France on the 4G/LTE network. This means that Swisscom customers not only benefit from the best 4G/LTE coverage in Switzerland, but can also already use high-speed data connections with their 4G/LTE-compatible smartphones in eight countries. Swisscom is also slashing its roaming fees in 20 countries from early December.
Berne, 26 November 2013

Swisscom already provides coverage with the new, fast 4G/LTE mobile data transfer technology in more than 60% of Switzerland. To enable its customers to also surf the Web at high speed when abroad, Swisscom is signing contracts with foreign mobile network companies as soon as they offer 4G/LTE roaming. Most recently, Swisscom’s customers were granted access to the 4G/LTE network of Swisscom’s French partner, Bouygues Telecom. As early as last June, Swisscom customers were able to use their LTE-compatible mobile phone to surf the Web while travelling abroad. Swisscom concluded the very first intercontinental 4G/LTE roaming agreement between Europe and Asia with South Korea. In July 2013, it then signed the first 4G/LTE roaming contract between Europe and North America. Swisscom currently offers 4G/LTE roaming in the following countries: France, South Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Singapore and Japan. Swisscom therefore offers the best mobile coverage in Switzerland and abroad.

Save up to 74% when surfing the Web abroad

On 1 December 2013, Swisscom is cutting its data roaming fees in 20 countries even further. This will benefit especially those people who travel to Latin America and the Caribbean. In these countries, a 50MB package will now cost between CHF 15 and CHF 39, while the 200MB package will be between CHF 44 and CHF 119, which is up to 74% less than before. In mid-2013, Swisscom already slashed its data roaming prices especially for people travelling abroad within Europe. Since then, customers have been using data packages about five times as often. In addition, Swisscom launched iO at the end of June, an App that enables customers to make calls and send messages over the Internet for free, whether they are in Switzerland or abroad.

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