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Swisscom simplifies prepaid by offering a single tariff for phoning, text messaging and surfing from any device

Swisscom’s new NATEL easy subscription offers customers with irregular or low usage an attractive and simplified prepaid offering. The new tariff applies to smartphones, tablets and hotspots. Anyone who wants to browse the Internet while on the move can select a suitably sized data package (ranging from 100 MB to 5 GB). The packages can be purchased simply and conveniently via the Swisscom Cockpit. First-time customers up to the age of 18 now benefit from an introductory offer with lower priced data packages. Advantageous per-second billing will remain unchanged.
Berne, 27 May 2014

Many customers want a single tariff that is simple and transparent. Over 1.8 million Swisscom customers already benefit from NATEL infinity subscriptions that offer fixed subscription prices and unlimited usage. Swisscom is now simplifying its prepaid offerings, by introducing a single prepaid tariff that covers phoning, text messaging and mobile surfing. NATEL easy can be used with any device – whether smartphone, tablet or mobile hotspot. Phone calls are billed at CHF 0.01 per second – the customer pays a maximum of just 60 cents an hour. A text message costs CHF 0.15. With a cost limit of CHF 2 a day, customers can also keep tabs on their text messaging costs. Existing NATEL easy customers can switch to the new prepaid tariff by simply texting SMART to 444.

A suitable package for every need

Swisscom prepaid customers can choose from four different data packages, depending on their individual usage and needs. The smallest package (100 MB) costs CHF 9 and is ideal for the occasional mobile surfer. The next-sized package (400 MB) for CHF 19 is the ideal choice for users who browse the Internet daily, send e-mails containing larger files, such as photos, or watch YouTube videos. The largest package (1 GB) for CHF 35 is for customers who want to stream films or whole TV series while on the move or want to follow the upcoming Football World Cup this summer. All data packages are valid for 30 days and offer a maximum surfing speed of 7.2 Mbps. The 24h Speed+ package (5GB) provides one-day, high-speed coverage (21 Mbps) for large data volumes and costs CHF 5.

Younger Swisscom customers subscribing to NATEL easy start have the same choice of package sizes (with the exception of 24h Speed+), but benefit for cheaper prices. For example, 100 MB is available for CHF 5, 400 MB for CHF 12 and 1 GB for CHF 25. In addition, the introductory tariff for first-time users now applies to subscribers up to the age of 18 instead of 16.
All price information and data packages apply to usage within Switzerland.

Swisscom Cockpit as the ideal companion

All NATEL easy customers can purchase the new data packages simply and conveniently via the Swisscom Cockpit at There, Swisscom customers can view their current balance, see which package they have purchased, check their remaining data allowance and see how long the package still has to run. Prepaid credit can also be topped up in the Swisscom Cockpit – by credit card or using the stored Swisscom bill of a family member.

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