Swiss cloud market: Swisscom stands shoulder-to-shoulder with international competitors

According to a recent independent study carried out by the Experton Group, Swisscom ranks among the top players in the Swiss cloud market. The analysts examined the competitive strength of 152 cloud providers on the local market as well as how attractive their product portfolios were to business customers. In this comparison, Swisscom held its own against international competitors in many of the product categories.
Berne, 03 July 2014

An increasing number of companies are looking to digitalise their business in order to be able to operate more quickly and efficiently on the market. Cloud services are an absolute must if companies want to achieve this aim. The Swiss cloud market is growing rapidly, with analysts currently forecasting a CHF 400 million rise to CHF 1.3 billion by 2018. The Swiss market is split between numerous national and international players with Swisscom playing a key role.

Swisscom is best-positioned on the cloud market

Swisscom is holding its own against international providers with its cloud offering – this is confirmed by the recent "Cloud Vendor Benchmark" study conducted by the Experton Group. Analysts have closely examined the Swiss cloud computing market, assessing 152 providers and their service portfolios and selecting the best-in-class for various product categories. Swisscom was among the top-placed providers in a number of categories and outperformed renowned global competitors in the study. Swisscom received particularly high scores for its cloud-based infrastructure services, which play a key role in cloud offerings for corporate customers. With its cloud services for SMEs, Swisscom has even taken pole position on the Swiss market. Swisscom's cloud market place has come out clearly on top against competitor platforms, which the Experton analysts attribute to the trust the company's customers place in its Swissness – the study states that Swisscom has a local presence, operates its data centres on Swiss soil and profits from the fact that, owing to recent events, customers have little trust in the offerings from the US.

The analysts concluded that Swisscom is a very impressive provider thanks to its portfolio that covers the entire cloud value creation chain. Furthermore, Swisscom has managed to take up a strong competitive position due to "its strong local presence, extensive customer base, the fact that it has its own data centres within Switzerland and the largest network."

Swisscom banking on cloud ecosystem

Adrian Flückiger, Head of IT Infrastructure at Swisscom Enterprise, is delighted about receiving the award: "We feel that this award confirms that we were right to continue to drive forward the digitalisation of the Swiss economy and we will grow in the coming years to become the most important cloud provider in Switzerland." Meanwhile, Swisscom is working to establish an extensive cloud ecosystem: "We are creating a cloud platform that is not just aimed at business customers, but at residential customers as well. This will allow us to provide all of our customers with assistance in the digital future via innovative products and services," remarks Adrian Flückiger. Only last week, Swisscom launched Docsafe, a cloud-based document storage service with which private individuals can digitalise their entire correspondence, thus making filing and organisation much simpler.

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